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Treatments at Nostra Forza are reimbursed from the basic Dutch health insurance. In addition, online therapy is increasingly being reimbursed from international health, travel and expat insurance policies and / or from employers.


At Nostra Forza we attach great importance to quality, accessibility AND affordability of care .

If you have any questions about fees, please feel free to contact us. If you wish, we are happy to help and guide you in your contact with your healthcare provider regarding reimbursements.


RATES 2022: Nostra Forza wants to be transparent about the rates so that you will never be faced with surprises.


The first consultation session is completely without obligation and free of charge (20 min.).

The costs for an intake session (45-60 min.) are €100.00.

The costs for a treatment session (45 min.) are €100.00.

A one-time administration fee of €85.00 (EUR) is charged for, among other things, writing the treatment plan.

If your symptoms are not covered by insured care or if you choose to pay for the therapy yourself, the costs are €100.00 per session.

After each session you will receive an invoice that you must pay 48 hours before the next session. 

Because you pay per session and, in most cases, can reimburse it directly, you avoid having to pay (high) costs yourself. Nostra Forza is not liable for VAT and we do not charge VAT on our rates.


As a contract-free BIG registered psychologist and psychotherapist, we have no contracts with health insurers. The most important reason is that the health insurer wants to have access to privacy-sensitive information and participation in decision-making about the treatment. We think it is important to be able to offer you a "tailor-made" treatment so that it matches your request for help.

Depending on your policy, your health insurer will reimburse you between 100% and 70% of the market rate. Please note that your health care provider will always set off the excess with you first, if this is still open.

Via our CONTACT FORM you can make an appointment for a FREE AND NON-BINDING CONSULTATION SESSION. During this conversation you can see and experience who we are and whether you feel comfortable with online therapy. You do not need a referral from your GP for this consultation, so you can schedule this appointment immediately.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT REIMBURSEMENT: as a BIG registered care provider, we have expanded our range of care, established ourselves abroad, and we offer online therapy from abroad to people from different nationalities, living in both the Netherlands and the rest of the world, who are looking for help in their own native language.

There is sometimes uncertainty among Dutch insurers about the various providers of online therapy, which means that they may provide you with incorrect information. The following appendix contains important information about the reimbursement of your care. You can use this document in contacts with your Dutch health insurer.



Nostra Forza offers online supervision to psychologists, mental health psychologists in training (to cognitive behavioral therapist) and psychotherapists in training. This involves costs.

They are € 100.00 per 45 minutes.



We distinguish between Generalistic Basis GGZ (GBGGZ) and Specialist Mental Health Care (SGGZ). The Generalistic Basis GGZ is intended for people with mild to moderate mental health problems. This care is often short-term and problem-oriented. The Specialist Mental Health Service is intended for people with more complex or more frequent recurring problems. Our practice offers treatments in both the GB-GGZ and the S-GGZ.

The waiting time depends on your request for help and the type of care that is indicated. This will be discussed with you in advance in a free and non-binding consultation session. The waiting times relate to the time between your registration and the intake. After the intake you can start your treatment straight away.

  • Generalistic Basis GGZ ( short term treatment, between 1 to 12 sessions):

Counseling: no waiting time

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: no waiting time

EMDR: 8 weeks

  • Specialized Mental Health Care (long term treatment):

Schema Focused Therapy: 5 months 

Mentalization Based Treatment: 5 months

Person-centred Therapy: 5 months

Due to the high demand for our services, we had to set up a waiting list for treatments within the Specialized Mental Health Care. We strive to keep this waiting time as short as possible.



If you are unable to attend an appointment, you must let us know by email at least 24 hours in advance. Unfortunately, we are forced to declare 50% of the costs of an intake or treatment meeting if you cancel less than 24 hours in advance or do not show up at the agreed time.



All your data falls under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) . Nostra Forza never provides information to third parties about the content of the treatment without your consent. We work and act in accordance with the GDPR and the professional code for psychotherapists.


We work according to the strict professional ethical rules of the BIG Act. Integrity and honesty are central to this. Confidentiality of your file and personal data is guaranteed at all times.

We do our utmost to help you properly. However, it may happen that you are not satisfied. You can discuss this with us at any time.




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