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About online Couples Therapy

Online couples therapy is a method to be positive about your relationship again. Communicating well with your partner is very important. Still, this doesn't always go well on its own. Isn't it curious that we've never had a lesson in relationships?

It's not always easy to analyse your relationship and your emotions, let alone express them. Sometimes the problems are so complex that you can't figure it out yourself. As a result, arguments and conflicts. Online couples therapy is a form of psychotherapy. In couples therapy, the partners go into therapy together. We discuss the vicious circle that partners regularly sit in and help break it.

Couples therapy is helpful to get back on track if you encounter problems within your relationship, such as:

- communication problems

- growing apart

- conflicts, arguments that you can no longer get out of together

- infatuation with another or cheating/infidelity

- jealousy

- disagreement about the upbringing of the children

- not being able to talk after the death of, for example, a child

- problems with the family (in law)

- sexual problems

- psychological problems with one or both partners

How online couples therapy can help:

You become aware of the patterns that have crept in and what part each of you has in it. We show the differences in your life history and character. You will see clearly how each of you communicates and how you express your emotions and what impact all this has on your relationship. You learn to name fears and needs. You step out of the negative patterns and experience how you can learn to deal with each other differently and better.

Painful spots of the past can come up and be discussed in a new, confidential atmosphere, a safe base, which is slowly but surely becoming firmer. You discover the power of vulnerability. Because by daring to ask each other for support, help and understanding in all openness, your emotional connection becomes great and close again. Your understanding and patience for each other is growing. Step by step, you make a positive change in the relationship.

The duration of the therapy on the problems and set goals. Sometimes 3 sessions are enough and sometimes there are 10.

When ONLINE couples therapy:

- The big advantage of relationship therapy via the internet is that the sessions are not limited to your country. If you live abroad with your partner and/or work abroad, and you need to discuss the issues in your relationship in your own mother tongue, online relationship therapy can offer a solution.

- When you are limited in time, you and your partner can work in your own familiar environment and when it suits you/ you about the treatment. You and your partner and the therapist are all online during the therapy session, so you as partners do not have to be present at the same location. Experience shows that it is no more or less easy to discuss your thoughts and feelings via a webcam.

Are you interested in online couples therapy? Visit our website and contact us via our contact form. We are happy to explain how we can help you in a free consultation session.

online relatietherapie: werk aan jullie verbinding, elkaar weer vast kunnen houden

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