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Find out what online coaching can mean for you!

Are you looking for a coach for your personal and professional development? Then choose online coaching at Nostra Forza. Through online coaching you will be guided in finding 'yourself', in finding talents and solving problems. Online coaching has several advantages: there are no waiting times, you can get started right away; location independent: you decide from which location you contact us, this can be at home or any other environment of your choice; saving time: there is no longer any question of travel time and waiting in waiting areas.

What is online coaching:

Online Coaching is focused on the future: where am I now and where do I want to be. So, how can I get there? The intention is to create a step-by-step plan to achieve personal goals. As a coach we work on your strength, your possibilities and your resources and we will use them to find a solution for your request for help. You decide your goals in advance. We help you find and develop new ways to achieve those goals. As a coach, we work with the here and now that comes to you. We will therefore not dig into your past or your personal problems. Although it comes up as important information about your context, your story, it is not a main theme in the conversations.

When an online coach?

A coach helps you achieve the goals you have set yourself earlier. Examples of such goals are:

  • increasing self-confidence;

  • overcoming fear of failure and uncertainty;

  • learning to deal with workload and stress;

  • examine career prospects;

  • gain more control in and about the work;

  • find enthusiasm and energy in the work;

  • developing communication skills;

  • develop leadership and increase influence;

  • increase the ability to collect; get more done.

We help you achieve these goals by:

  • making your goal SMART together (SMART stands for: Specific, Measurable, Attractive, Realistic and Time-bound);

  • listen and summarize what the coach has just observed;

  • to give back what the story you tell with the coach does. This is called 'mirroring';

  • inspire you to get energy to get going;

  • motivate you so that you will also pick up the less fun chores; sharpen your mindset by removing obstructive beliefs;

  • increase your awareness so that you better understand why things 'are as they are';

  • ultimately with all this to positively influence your authentic behavior and self-esteem.

Solution-focused coaching:

In solution-focused coaching, you are invited to formulate your goal, and to come up with and implement solutions that bring this goal closer. The solution-oriented method investigates your needs for change and then focuses on finding solutions to the problem. As some other methods do, we do not endlessly investigate the negative causes of the problem.

Online solution-focused coaching in short:

- Free consultation session

- Start of confidentiality

- First coaching interview

- Determining need for change and signing contract

- Determining your goal, guidance in the process and monitoring progress

- Assume that a coaching process will consist on average of three to five sessions.

Visit our website and make an appointment via our contact form for a free and completely non-committal introductory meeting. Experience the benefits and try out if online coaching can be something for you.

online coaching vanuit je eigen omgeving en laptop wanneer het jou uitkomt

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