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Negative self-image? Try EMDR online!

Do you suffer from uncertainty, do you doubt yourself? Have you suffered emotional scars from unpleasant experiences of the past? Maybe you were bullied? Being bullied or experiencing other unpleasant experiences that damage your image about yourself and others can have major consequences. You lose confidence in yourself and/or others. You're losing your sense of security. You may have a tendency to withdraw, and you recognize that you are socially anxious. Constantly working on what others can and will not think about you. Of course, you don't want to. But how do you get rid of it?

Maybe you've been in therapy before. Maybe you already know and/or have learned that certain thoughts you have about yourself and others are not correct. But your feelings are so strong. Do you recognize that? You know, but it doesn't feel like it. Well-intended messages from others, therapies that respond to changing minds, can then fall short.

What you've been through can be seen as a traumatic experience. And often there is not one, but there are several traumatic experiences. Online EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) can then offer a solution. EMDR online is an effectively proven treatment method in processing traumatic experiences and reducing post-traumatic stress (PTSD) symptoms. PTSD symptoms are symptoms that have arisen as a direct result of a concrete, nasty event, in which thinking about it still provokes an emotional response.

There is increasing evidence that emotionally charged memories and images also play an important role in other complaints such as anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders and negative self-esteem. For this reason, EMDR is increasingly used online, in these problems and disorders.

How does EMDR work online?

During the online EMDR session, the therapist is present and ensures that everything goes well. The therapist will ask you to think back on the event, including the accompanying images, thoughts and feelings. First, this is done to gather more information about the traumatic experience. After that, the processing process starts. The therapist will ask you to remember the event. But now this is done in combination with a distracting stimulus. We work with 'sets' (= series) stimuli. After each set, a moment's rest is taken. The therapist will ask you what comes up in your mind. The EMDR procedure usually triggers a stream of thoughts and images, but sometimes also feelings and physical sensations. The EMDR treatment gives the bad thoughts a different meaning. Gradually, the memories become more bearable and less emotional.

So don't keep walking around with these complaints any longer and try an online emdr treatment. A session in your own living room or where you feel safe. You don't have to travel home after a tough session. EMDR online is a relatively short-term therapy.

I am an online psychologist, psychotherapist and EMDR practitioner and I have a lot of experience in treating all kinds of traumas through online EMDR. Are you interested? On our website you can find more information about online therapy and EMDR online therapy. Via our contact form you can request a free and completely free consultation session. In this session I would like to show you who I am, how online EMDR works and how I can help you.

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