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Online Psychologist: benefits of Online Therapy

You haven't felt so good in a couple of weeks. Your mood is a bit gloomy, sleeping is getting worse and you get irritated faster. Everyday things are harder for you. You decide to go and see your GP. Maybe a dormant flu, hopefully the GP can give you something that will make you feel better. Unfortunately, the GP is sending you to a psychologist. A psychologist? Yes, go talk about it, a psychologist can give you the right help, you'll be told. You've received some suggestions from your GP. In good spirits, you can contact a few of them. It sounds hopeful, but then you will be told how long it will take before you can get an intake: 3 months! And that's the short wait. You find out that you have to wait an average of six months before you can be helped. But... I want it now! I need help NOW, not in another six months! Recognizable? Unfortunately, this is now the reality in within the mental health system: long waiting lists. What now?

As a psychologist and psychotherapist, I've been coming across this for years. People who are finally happy and relieved that they have taken the step to ask for help, because that is really not always easy. And then there's the disappointment that follows the news about the waiting lists. I wanted a solution for this. I want to be able to help people when they need the help. That's why I made the step to become and online psychologist and give online therapy.

online psycholoog  enonline therapie vanachter je laptop wanneer het jou uitkomt

As an online psychologist I am much more flexible and can help many more people. You don't lose travel time, you don't have to wait, you can get started right away, even from your own familiar environment, when it suits you. But isn't this impersonal? No, not at all. As an online psychologist, I talk to you through a screen and with online therapy I am as effective as if we were sitting in a room opposite of each other.

Do you notice that you have some doubts? Visit our website and make an appointment via our contact form for a free and completely free consultation session. Experience the benefits and try out if online therapy can be something for you.

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