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Online Therapy

Nostra Forza offers online therapy. Sometimes the step to seek help for your problems can be difficult. Anxiety, stress and depression                symptoms can all be reasons to feel the need to talk to a psychologist. But besides the fact that it can be emotionally difficult, there can also

be all kinds of practical objections to this.

No time and limited possibilities to transport can be practical reasons to to postpone the need to seek help. At the same time, the problems keep piling up and seeking or finding a solution can become more and more a solution difficult.

With online therapy, you speak to your online psychologist and online psychotherapist via video calling or by email using a secured platformfrom any location you want. Whether you live and/or work and are looking for a psychologist in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague or Groningen. Because the treatments are offered online, everyone in the Netherlands but also outside the Netherlands can contact Nostra Forza.

You can start working on your problems by scheduling a session during an hour break at work, or you can follow your therapy session

from the comfort of your own home. In this way, therapy online ensures less stress and a more relaxed atmosphere. Other advantages are that you are not bound by standard working hours. You can, for example, agree with your psychologist to schedule your therapy sessions in the evening. This saves and you time and costs. Virtually all mental health problems are treatable with online therapy. Nostra Forza offers short-term psychological treatment and longer-term online psychotherapy . The nature and severity of your problems determine the duration of treatment.

Under TESTIMONIALS you can read about experiences of people who proceeded you. 


  • Nostra Forza has no waiting times for online therapy: you can start immediately;

  • Familiar environment: you decide from which location you contact your therapist. This can be at home or any other environment 

  • Personal contact: you have personal contact with your therapist via video calling;

  • Time saving: there is no more travel time and waiting in waiting areas;

  • In general, a treatment online is faster than in the treatment room;

  • Costs: online therapy at Nostra Forza is reimbursed from the Dutch health insurance, International health, travel and expat insurance policies and / or from employers



When you contact us via our contact form, you can register for an intake session. A process at Nostra Forza consists of an intake phase and a treatment phase.


Prior to an intake, I will send you a registration form. When I have received this form back from you, together with a referral from your GP (in case of insured care), I plan an intake with you. You can send me these documents back via a secure platform. I will inform you about this in the consultation session.


The intake session is intended to properly identify your problems and complaints . I will ask you questions about your current situation, background and the problems that are currently affecting you. If necessary, questionnaires will be taken from you to get a better picture of your problems.

The intake session is also intended to meet your therapist. It is important to us that you feel safe and respected.  Most importantly, in the intake session, you will begin making a connection with your therapist. You should feel safe, accepted, respected and relatively comfortable.


The intake consists of 1 or 2 sessions, depending on the severity of your complaints and request for help.

When we have come to a clear understanding of your problems, I will develop a treatment plan. In this plan we agree what the goal will be 

of the therapy, what can be done, and which form of treatment will be used to achieve this goal. There are big differences between people and the way they deal with their problems. Every treatment plan is therefore drawn up on the basis of your personal possibilities and needs. Please note that you need this treatment plan to reimburse the costs of treatment from your health insurer.

If, as a result of the intake, it turns out that online therapy is insufficient, I will discuss this with you and think with you in a suitable alternative.



Subsequently , the treatment starts on the basis of formulated treatment goals and the chosen therapy . I use various evidence-based

online treatment methods, including EMDR online therapy. The treatment consists of online face to face sessions, possibly supplemented with specialized online treatment programs.

During the course of the treatment, your treatment will be evaluated with you and adjusted if necessary. The duration of the treatment will be determined by the nature and severity of your problems. You can of course always pause or end the treatment. You remain in charge of your own treatment. 



To measure the effect of the therapy, you may be asked to complete a questionnaire at various times; before, during and after the therapy.

The results of these measurements will be discussed with you. The questionnaires serve to support your treatment. You are not obliged to complete these questionnaires. You can decide not to do so if you wish.


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