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Online Schema Focused Therapy

Online Schema Focused Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on identifying and changing specific unhealthy ways of thinking. It can help people to change longer-standing patterns of response, including the ways they deal with emotions, with themselves, and with other people.

Do you immediately feel rejected and sad when a friend cancels an appointment? Does a small point of criticism of your work make you feel failed, insecure or angry? Or do you never dare to enter into an intimate relationship because you are afraid of being abandoned or hurt?  These are examples of persistent patterns of behavior and annoying feelings that make your life very messed up time and time again. You know that your boss is satisfied with you, yet time and time again you are overcome by unpleasant emotions such as uncertainty when your boss wants a small adjustment in your work.



The theory underlying schema focused therapy presumes that when our basic childhood needs (such as needs for safety, acceptance, and love) are met inadequately, we develop unhealthy ways of interpreting and interacting with the world, which is called maladaptive early schemas. Schemas are broad and pervasive patterns of thinking and behavior. These are more than just beliefs; schemas are deeply held patterns that are closely related to our sense of self and view of the world.

The Schema theory proposes that schemas are triggered when events happening in our current life resemble those from our past that were related to the formation of the schema. If we have developed unhealthy schemas because of difficult experiences in our childhood, we will resort to unhealthy ways of thinking and behavior in response to this new situation.  The initial goals of schema therapy online are to identify relevant schemas and to link these schemas to past events and current symptoms. Then work on ways of processing emotions related to the schemas and altering unhealthy coping styles that are the result of maladaptive schemas.

You may find Online Schema Focused Therapy helpful if any of the following apply to you:

  • You find yourself over-reacting to certain situation (which may lead to impulsive behaviors that you later regret)

  • You are drawn to the same type of partner over and over, even when your emotional needs are not met in these relationships.

  • You feel stuck in habitual patterns or addictive behaviors that you can’t seem to change.

  • You struggle to say no, or with the thought of others disliking you.

  • You have low self- esteem or confidence, which holds you back from fulfilling your potential.


Online Schema Focused Therapy has been proven to be extremely effective when combined with Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as EMDR Online Therapy. Together, the therapies show you how to actually achieve beneficial change through action rather than just receiving advice and insight from your therapist.

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How can Online Schema Focused Therapy help you break your patterns ?

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