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Looking for an experienced online Psychologist? 

Online Psychologist and Psychotherapist
for online therapy and psychotherapy 

BIG registered and with more than 15 years of experience, Nostra Forza stand for a high quality of care where a personal and committed approach is central. Nostra Forza offers online treatment for various mental health problems, anywhere in the world.


Are you struggling with issues related to trauma (PTSD), grief, depression, burnout, anxiety, or major life changes? Are you feeling stressed, pressured to fit in and continually being accessible? There comes a time when help is needed from a certified professional to cope with many of life’s challenges.

“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength”

Sigmund Freud

online psycholoog helpend bij het pad bewandelen naar herstel

Specialized in Online Therapy and Online Psychotherapy

Nostra Forza Counselling and Psychotherapy is a practice for online counselling and online psychotherapy. 

I offer individual online therapy in English and Dutch. Because the treatments are offered online, everyone in the Netherlands but also outside of the Netherlands can go to Nostra Forza. It is always possible to receive therapy in your own language.


The practice offers insured care, both short-term and long term. Both require a referral letter from the GP and a psychiatric diagnosis will be made. Under therapy rates you can find more information about the reimbursement by your health insurer. 

You can also apply for online therapy without a psychiatric diagnosis and without a referral from the GP. Psychotherapy will then not be reimbursed by the health insurer.


You can contact Nostra Forza for, among other things, the following psychological symptoms and problems:

  • Anxiety symptoms and anxiety disorders, such as performance anxiety, social phobia, panic attacks, agoraphobia, generalized anxiety disorder, fear of commitment and separation anxiety

  • Depression and gloominess, mood swings

  • Emotion regulation problems

  • Eating problems 

  • PTSD symptoms after trauma, traumatic experience

  • Grieving process

  • Inability to sleep, insomnia

  • Relationship problems

  • Work-related complaints such as exhaustion, excessive worry, fatigue and burnout complaints

  • Negative self image

  • Problems due to major life events


If you suffer from psychotic complaints, severe depression, addiction problems, severe personality problems, self-mutilation or suicidality, I unfortunately cannot help you through online therapy.


Since I am BIG registered , you are assured of quality at Nostra Forza. The Dutch Individual Health Care Professions Act (BIG) is intended to promote the quality of care and to protect clients against inexpert or careless actions by healthcare providers. Registration in the BIG register provides clarity about what a healthcare provider can and cannot do. Only care providers listed in the BIG register may use the protected title specified by law.





Nostra Forza uses various evidence-based treatment methods including:


Nostra Forza originated from a collaboration of two different disciplines. Nostra Forza means "our strength". As online psychologist and psychotherapist I want to help you (re-) discover or strengthen your forces. The treatment is completely online via face to face video calling, possibly supplemented with specialized online treatment programs. The sessions are conducted by means of a secured video connection. Research indicates that online counseling and psychotherapy over the Internet can be just as effective as regular "in-person" therapy . Due to the low threshold, it can sometimes even limit psychological distress with early intervention.



I offer online supervision to psychologists, mental health psychologists in training (to cognitive behavioral therapist) and psychotherapists in training. When working with clients or patients in the office, supervision is paramount. Not only for optimal treatment and safety for your patients, but especially for the development of yourself as a therapist. For more information about online supervision you can contact us trough our contact form.


Online Treatment Methods

Online Supervision 

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